How the HCG Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Orange County California HCG Diet Plans are Individualized to Each Individual’s Weight Loss Needs

HCG Diet Injections in Orange County CaliforniaWhen people first hear about the HCG Diet, most feel a mixture of excitement and skepticism. They are excited because they have heard of the amazing results others have had with the HCG Diet, yet remain skeptical due to their experiences with other weight loss plans. Before they go any further with trying this unique weight loss program for themselves, they want to know, “What is the HCG Diet?”

The HCG Diet combines a reduced calorie eating plan with daily administration of the HCG hormone. Both men and women produce this hormone naturally. Mothers pass it to their infants during pregnancy and it remains in the body throughout life. When boys and girls reach the age of puberty, the HCG hormone allows them to develop characteristics of men and women.

Because it reaches peak levels during a woman’s pregnancy, many people are under the impression that only women should take this hormone. However, it is completely safe for people of both genders. HCG as a dietary aid helps to burn through fat and boost metabolism so people feel satiated while following a restricted eating plan.

How You Lose Weight on the HCG Diet

A HCG Diet Doctor in Orange County must prescribe the hormone and supervise patients who use it to help them lose weight. HCG comes in the form of an injection, nasal spray, pill, and several other methods. The concentrated hormone attacks fat stores to convert to energy as soon as it enters your body. It also helps to control appetite so you don’t succumb to poor eating habits due to hunger.

When you attempt to lose weight on other commercial diet plans, your body actively fights against you. As you reduce your caloric intake, it clings to your body fat to protect itself from starvation. Instead of burning excess fat, it draws energy from muscles. After losing mainly water weight during the first few weeks on a diet, many people encounter a plateau in their weight loss efforts. They also experience hunger, shakiness, headaches, nausea, and other uncomfortable symptoms due to consuming fewer calories than the body needs. You can avoid these issues by receiving the HCG hormone each day you are actively trying to lose weight.

Medical Support Makes All the Difference

People who attempt to lose weight on their own are rarely successful. Even engaging group support has limited success. Your best chance of losing your excess weight and keeping it off permanently is to work one-on-one with a doctor who specializes in weight management. He or she offers ongoing supervision throughout the program, including the maintenance phase that immediately follows. Your HCG Diet Doctor in Orange County also provides you with support, encouragement, accountability, and answers to the many questions you likely have about the program.

Another major benefit of the HCG Diet is that your doctor creates a customized treatment plan just for you. He or she considers your weight loss goals as well as your general health and other individual factors before suggesting an eating plan or HCG dosage. Your doctor also needs to complete a physical exam to make sure that your body can tolerate receiving HCG daily while following a reduced calorie diet. You may also need to take vitamin supplements and eliminate some personal care products during the diet’s active phase. Like everything else about this plan, this all depends on your unique healthcare needs.

Schedule an Intake Appointment to Learn More

Now that you have a basic understanding of the HCG Diet, we encourage you to take your time going through this directory to find a provider. Once you have located someone you feel you can work with, contact his or her office to request a consultation. This is where you can ask in-depth questions about the program while your doctor learns more about you and your weight loss goals. You will thank yourself a few months from now when you are slimmer and healthier.

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