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Orange County HCG Medical Weight Loss Plans for WomenIf you’re currently on a diet or have been in the past, you’re not alone. More than half of all women are dieting at any given time, most with limited success. This is not due to a lack of willpower or desire to lose weight. In many cases, the diet itself is to blame. You are probably familiar with dropping pounds the first several weeks of a diet only to come to a standstill and feel overcome with hunger. The reason for this is that your body actively resists your efforts and protects itself against starvation by holding onto body fat.

Issues that are unique to being female also play a role in weight loss resistance. The monthly menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause can cause your weight to fluctuate wildly. It also becomes more difficult to shed excess pounds as you age. The demands on your time can be a factor as well since it limits your ability to plan healthy meals and get regular exercise. The HCG Diet can help you overcome all of these obstacles and finally get the weight loss results you need.

Understanding the HCG Diet for Women

You sometimes have to trick your body to get around its self-protecting mechanism of retaining body fat. That’s exactly what the HCG hormone does. As soon as it enters your bloodstream, HCG travels to areas of fat storage and begins burning through them for energy. It also helps to increase your metabolism and control appetite so you feel comfortable while consuming significantly fewer calories than usual. Women who are most successful with the HCG Diet follow their customized eating plan exactly in addition to receiving the hormone each day. Your doctor supervises the administration of HCG until he or she feels that you can safely do it on your own.

Some of the top reasons that commercial diets fail is that participants don’t have personal support or accountability. There is no one there to answer their questions or encourage them when they feel like quitting. The HCG Diet for women is different. You work directly with a doctor who specializes in weight management and HCG administration for the entire duration of the program. This includes the maintenance phase that directly follows the period when you actively lose weight.

Another major benefit of this weight loss plan is your doctor customizes it to meet your unique needs. He or she provides you with a daily calorie goal along with foods to include and avoid based on your goals for weight loss and your general health. The amount of HCG you receive and the method of administration is also unique to you as an individual.

Steps to Follow to Get Started with the Orange County HCG Diet for Women

The first thing you need to do is read the doctor profiles in this directory and then choose one whose qualifications and treatment philosophy meets your requirements. Since the doctor-patient relationship is so crucial to your success, we encourage you to take your time with this step. When you do find the ideal provider, call his or her office to request a consultation. You are welcome to schedule more than one initial appointment to ensure that you feel comfortable with the doctor.

You can expect to spend up to an hour with the HCG Diet Doctor while he or she gets to know you and you ask questions about the program. The next step is to complete a physical exam so your doctor can clear you to participate. The two of you will then discuss how following the HCG Diet will look for you each day. In addition to giving you a calorie range, your doctor will go over which foods groups you need to eat from and which you should avoid. The last step before starting the program is to decide how you want to receive the HCG. You’re now ready to start the plan and see the amazing weight loss results you have heard so much about.

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