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Learn more about custom HCG Diet programs for menMost men desire to have a trim, muscular physique and put as much time and effort into achieving it as possible. Unfortunately, the demands of working, raising a family, being in a relationship, and social obligations make it difficult to find the time for a regular workout schedule. On-the-run meals become the norm due to the pace of modern life. Despite all of this, you have probably tried at least one other diet plan in with limited success. This makes you feel even more discouraged about reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. The Orange County HCG Diet for men may be exactly what you need.

How Does HCG Help Men Lose Weight?

Both men and women produce the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) naturally. However, many people assume HCG is only a female hormone because women produce mass amounts of it when they are pregnant. They are also unaware that the HCG prescribed by doctors to aid in weight loss is in a completely different form in addition to being far less potent. Even so, receiving the HCG hormone by injection or another method while following a reduced calorie diet can help you drop weight significantly faster than any other weight loss program on the market.

When you’re on a typical diet, your body instinctively holds onto fat to protect itself from starvation. While your brain understands that you’re trying to lose weight, your body doesn’t receive that message. As a result, it draws its energy sources from muscle. This quickly causes men to become hungry, fatigued, irritable, and possibly suffer from headaches. For many people, these problems are enough to make them give up on the diet. The Orange County HCG Diet for men is different. The hormone directs your body to burn fat from the beginning while also retaining muscle integrity. Additionally, it boosts your metabolism so you don’t feel hungry on the restricted calorie diet.

How to Get Started with the HCG Diet for Men

HCG is only available by prescription and a trained medical professional must supervise its administration. You can find a doctor to work with by reading our local listings and then contacting the provider’s office for an initial consultation. To make the most of your time together, make sure that you obtain medical records outlining your previous health history in addition to outlining your past attempts with dieting. After your doctor interviews you and feels comfortable that he or she understands your weight loss goals, the next step is to complete a physical exam. This is necessary to ensure that you’re healthy enough to receive HCG each day while subsiding on far fewer calories than your body is accustomed to.

Understanding the Orange County HCG Diet for Men

After your doctor clears you to participate in the HCG Diet, you need to consume as many calories as possible for the first two days. The extra calories help to reset your metabolism and ensure that your body has enough fat stored to convert into energy. You should begin following your customized eating plan as well as receive HCG starting on the third day. Your doctor will consider your input when developing a diet plan and determining the best method of HCG administration for you.

You are in the active phase of the HCG Diet starting on the third day until you have met your initial weight loss goal. Your doctor will let you know how long this should last when you meet with him or her for an intake appointment. Once this phase is complete, you immediately start weight loss maintenance. Your doctor will lift several of your restrictions at this point, but it’s essential to incorporate the tips you learned about healthy living into your daily routine.

Balance and moderation is especially important to maintain your weight loss long-term. Regular exercise is necessary as well. After working so hard to reach your goal, it will be easier to find the time to take care of yourself. The first step in getting the body you have always wanted is to call an Orange County HCG Diet Doctor today.

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