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With this Orange County HCG Diet Doctors Directory, you can find a qualified weight loss specialist who offers the HCG Diet plan. The HCG Diet is a safe, supervised way for men and women to drop pounds quickly while following a low calorie eating plan and receiving the HCG hormone daily. Each person who works with an HCG Diet Doctor in Orange County California receives a customized plan to follow. Your doctor takes your body type, age, gender, health issues, and desired amount of weight loss into consideration before providing this to you.

Each provider that we list in this directory has several years of training and experience with weight management as well as administering HCG. This natural human hormone is condensed and concentrated when used as a weight loss aid. It helps control the appetite, speed up the metabolism, and burn through fat at an unprecedented rate. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or over 100 pounds, you can meet your goals with the HCG Diet.

You may feel doubtful about the HCG Diet if you have lost weight on other diet plans only to regain it. It’s common for dieters to drop water weight the first few weeks and then hit a plateau. Another common occurrence with typical diets is that the dieter’s body draws its energy from muscle instead of fat. This leaves the dieter hungry, weak, irritable, and fatigued. The HCG hormone starts burning fat from the very first day while allowing you to retain the muscle strength you need.

After you have followed a restricted calorie eating plan and received HCG daily for several weeks, your doctor will move you to the maintenance phase. He or she provides one-on-one instruction to help you develop new habits that will keep the weight off for good.

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We encourage you to take your time looking through this Orange County HCG Diet Doctors Directory until you find a good match. Once you do, just call the provider’s office to request an initial consultation. It takes just a minute to do, but making the call is the first step towards a brighter future and a healthier you.

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